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SMIT Salvage Singapore was contracted for a refloating operation of an SPM at Bhogat, Gujarat  SPM was operated by Cairns India Pvt Ltd that had sunk due to reasons unknown. The location was at Lat: 21° 56' 0.81” Long: 69° 09' 51.99”. The buoy measured 12.8 m diameter (hull) including skirt and a height of 5.4 Meters.


The first stage of the operation, while the SPM buoy was still sunk, was to remove the two umbilical hoses which were connected on to the under buoy turret (Buoy side) towards the PLEM side (seabed side). After the under buoy hoses were disconnected and recovered to surface. The salvage team refloated the SPM buoy using a crane barge and pumps as support to dewater tank spaces in order to lighten the SPM buoy during lifting.

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