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“MV WISDOM” (9000 DWT), classed as a dead vessel, was underway to Alangunder tow for ship breaking when the tow wire parted. She drifted and beached on the Juhu Beach of Mumbai on 11th June. The vessel carried 4MT of diesel oil. SMIT Salvage was contracted by owners to render immediate salvage assistance and remove the vessel from the beach.

SMIT mobilized various salvage vessels and equipment to the site consisting of towline, compressors, hoses, portable pumps and portable generator. Simultaneously a salvage plan was prepared and contingencies built in as limited ship's information was available. The actual refloating was performed by the vessel SMIT Lumba. The decision was made to attempt to refloat her on the 2nd of July. The vessel was refloated the same day herewith preventing same becoming an environmental hazard.

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