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On June 03, 2013 at about 04:14LT, the MV. 'TAY DO STAR' a 6,500 DWT, general cargo vessel, whilst departing from an anchorage of Kakinada to sea with 6,035 M tons of maize in bulk, went aground on muddy seabed. The ground position was at latitude 16° 58.9280 N and longitude 82°19.357 E, situated on the west side of Hope Island at Kakinada Bay, East Coast of India. The vessel was observed to be aground in a stable condition without any water ingress or spillage. No tanks or compartments were reported breached or flooded. The condition of the vessel was stable with no change in heading. SMIT mobilized Salvage team and with Alliance team in Aug 2013 carried out control lightering of vessel by removing cargo in Jumbo bags in order to reduce the ground reaction and counter ballasting the tanks to maintain the position. On 24th August 2013, the vessel re-floated safely and anchored in the new location. Backloading of cargo was then done and the underwater diving inspection was carried out by owner appointed class approved diving company to ascertain any damage to the bottom. Diving inspection cleared the bottom with no damaged and the vessel was handed over to the owner.

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