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Marine Emergency Response Centre- is a completely equipped warehouse with latest types of equipment to cater for Marine Emergencies not only on the Gujarat Coast but also elsewhere in the country as the movement of equipments and personnel from Porbandar to any part of the country, in case of distress, will be easy and fast. Following are salient features of Marine Emergency Response Centre.


Concept of Marine Emergency Response Centre


  • Round the clock manning of Marine Emergency Response Centre with emergency helpline number (Hotline, VHF equipment).

  • Stocking and Maintenance of Salvage and Oil Pollution Response equipments in always ready-to-use state.

  • Stocking of special equipments mandatorily required for operation as a first response to attack any emergency.

  • Stocking of Diving equipment for supporting diving anywhere in the country

  • The wide marketing of concept of Emergency Response Centre by conducting seminars, presentations and regular meetings with port and DG shipping authorities.

  • Updating the Indian Coast Guard with status and readiness of our equipments on a regular basis.

  • Preparation and maintenance of Fast Response Unit.

  • Preparation and maintenance of First Aid Oil Recovery Unit at five strategic locations in the country.

  • Conduct of Mock drills and training sessions under the supervision of Coast Guard representatives for the technical team.

  • Deputation of Salvage team during monsoons to supervise maintenance & train technical team regularly.

  • Create a tie-up with Oil Pollution Control Company to support MERC during any Oil Spillage in the sea. Such an understanding with companies like Briggs marine would provide a technical advantage and an investment avenue in State.

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