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On 23 March 2010, the Indian Coast Guard Ship - ICGS 'Vivek', whilst undergoing afloat repair works inside the Indira Dock of Mumbai Port was reported to have sustained a collision accident by another cargo vessel that was undertaking berthing operation. The incident resulted in the 'Vivek' capsizing to the side and sank off adjacent to the quayside of No.10 Shed with the port side partially exposed above sea-level.


Salvage plan consisted of utilizing our Sheerlegs 'Smit Cyclone', a 1,000 metric tons lifting capacity floating crane to shift 'Vivek' away from the quay wall to allow sufficient area prior to the up-righting and refloating operations. The shifting was carried out in two steps – first, the bow was sufficiently lifted up and shifted about 13 meters away from the quay and secondly, the Sheerlegs was then repositioned to lift and shift the stern away from the quay. The Sheerlegs were then rotated to bring 'Vivek' to an upright position. With the vessel up-righted, pumping/dewatering of compartments was carried out to bring the Vessel to a safe afloat condition. The operation was successfully completed on 17th July 2010.

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