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Vishwakarma Mechanical Works was established in 1935 at Porbandar as a fabrication unit with the latest types of machinery viz., lathe, drilling machine, cutting machine, etc of that era. The unit was mainly involved with the fabrication of accessories and their installation on ships, boats, transports, and industries in the locality. We were the total engineering solution to that age. Over a period of 75 years, the unit has developed multifold not only in terms of infrastructure and revenue but also in terms of manpower. We are now a registered firm with Coast Guard for last 15 years to undertake refits of their ships at Porbandar and Okha which includes jobs from Structural, Engineering and Electrical faculties. These jobs are completed in a time bound manner with a total professional and result oriented approach, as availability of ships become paramount for operational requirements. We are the only firm in Gujarat region which undertakes the repair of hovercrafts belonging to Coast Guard.


We are the premier organization for the fabrication of units, accessories, assemblies, structures, tools, etc of any kind (Steel, Aluminium, FRP), Size and volume. Fabrication specialty is inherent in our company since inception and we thoroughly enjoy the reputation of executing complicated and challenging projects. Although the list of our projects is quite long, few major projects** which we successfully completed (for some we received repeat orders also) have become part of our profile. In addition to our regular work of fabrication, installation, repairs, and maintenance of electrical & engineering equipment on board ships, factories, etc., we have developed an alliance with M/s SMIT Salvage, Singapore where we assist them in their salvage operations in any part of India. Our association with M/s SMIT has come a long way in the last 07 years. Majorly we provide them fabrication and engineering assistance in addition to coordination support required for salvaging.

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