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Vishwakarma has come a long way since 1935 when it was conceived as a very small scale fabrication unit. Over a period of about 78 years, the unit turned into a full-fledged company with diverse activities. I am certainly pleased to head this group as Chairman and my primary responsibility as the Chairman is to foster excellence in creating customer friendly atmosphere, enthusiastic workforce, and sustained diversification to keep up with the technological advancements.

I believe that the company grows when the person in the lowermost cadre understands the vision and objectives of the company and appreciates his role in achieving the same. My ultimate endeavor will be to make each individual irrespective of his ranks and cadre feels his importance and worthiness of constructive contribution towards the growth of the company. I personally am of the opinion that the theme of Vishwakarma Professionalism through Creative Excellence, if followed, can make us not only a thorough and disciplined professional but also competitively more efficient. The positive feedback from our clientele encourages us to do better with no glimpse of complacency in our approach towards the job and the customer.

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